Emrys Skye

Ever since my father gave me his silver trombone sound and music grew within me. Since then and many moments in between I have enjoyed creating and manifesting all and everything to be part of that bigger and ever enlarging picture within the universe.

I feel my life expanding every moment I breathe in and exhale. Life is what you make of it. Yes, the journey, yes the up's and down's, yes the home, finance, romance, etc... but life,...yes life...is the key, and living it to its fullest expectation is a magical romance.

There is no time in space. The human race, and yes their race, has created time based on the earth, moon and sun, yet I ask the question. "There is no chaos in space, everything has a place?"

Jackie Hewitt

Intuitive guide

 I stepped onto the path to enlightenment 30 years ago, The quest led me from psychology into the study of dreams and symbolism. Here I found numerology - the secret of numbers and how they represented the energetic frequencies of every individual and the underlying blueprints of the universe.

 I went on to study the body's energetic nature with various healing modalities including Reiki, crystal healing and sound therapy. It was with sound therapy that I found my passion for playing the gong and it's power to transform mind, body and spirit with frequency and vibration.

 Throughout all this I was also exploring meditation and the ability to 'disconnect', after many, many amazing journeys and visions, I am now exploring the ability to 'connect' and some of the channellings here are the result of that opening.......

                Ultimately we humans only use about 10 percent of our brains so the enlightenment continues..................