Channel 30th April 2021

Mother Earth wanted to come through with a message for us all...when she came in her energy was green, blue and an unusual pink with an intensity around the Heart chakra.......this is what she said....

The tide has turned....consciousness is awakening....

Of the new consciousness that is coming in, there is much to choose from depending at what level you wish to remain at.

Earth has been at 5th dimensional consciousness for some time but I am pushing up to 6th and 7th dimensions now. A lot of this is to do with humans and how much they are awakening, for every single human that awakens, it helps lift my energy - lift my consciousness. You do not need to worry - it is just a matter of time before everyone starts to feel this shift.

Many feel the energy waves as they roll in, this will be constant now - like my oceans - they roll in and then you feel the benefit of the energies decreasing, then they roll in again and the energy intensifies. This will continue until you learn to jump on top of the waves-that is- until you raise your frequency enough to match the the levels of the energy that is coming in.

In truth this has been happening for thousands of years but as you have reached the 'turning of the tide' people now start to feel it more that ever. In the years to come you will see transformations that you cannot possibly imagine, when you will start to see the true beauty of Earth again - the gift of life here - the gift of your life here, as well as the lives of every single living thing on the planet, there is enough for everyone here, there is enough for everyone to live in peace and harmony and in a few years time you will start to see this everywhere.

The shifts happening now are to take you to the point where every single living soul sees the beauty of the Earth because held within the beauty is the beauty of creation and the respect and love for this will come back to every single souls heart....this is something I GAIA can help you with everyday - just go out into nature, a beautiful place and in that beauty you can join with me in your heart and in that beauty, that vision, you can feel the expansion, the connection, to the Earth, to me - Gaia, the connection to space, the universe, the connection to God and if you sit with that expansiveness, wherever you are and breathe it can truly expand the heart space so it envelops you, your being, your aura and then in return you can send it out all around the world so that it completely envelops the Earth......I GAIA send this out everyday to everyone, some of you feel it, some of you see it - in a tiny flower, a little insect or in an animal, in the sky, in the sunshine, on the beaches, in the trees..........Beauty - the true connection to the Earth, the true connection to Source. Expanding your heart energy like this can make you realise your problems are only momentary, only small.

You stand now at the 'turning of the tide' the shift of consciousness and the only way back to Source.

So join with me everyday now, tipping the balance to the new consciousness, the new dimensions, raising the vibration of the Earth, raising the vibration of yourself and every other living thing on the planet.....I am here for you always......GAIA

Channel 29th April 2021

Ra has joined you

The energy of Ra shall be seen as the one who keeps your positive spirit above that which vibrates toward the great change you call ascension. Your purpose is that of an energy for others to see and aspire to without feeling uncomfortable. The glow and warmth shall ensure your heart, your aura and energy, maintains a perfect harmony. I understand you each have amazing and exacting gifts to your group today. Remember to call upon Ra when you feel these gifts are challenged by the current surroundings. See Ra as an outpouring of energy for all on your tiny planets developing field. For you, Ra touches the nose and right ear with a gentle but precise touch. Further initial confirmation is that of seeing a bright yellow globe through the third eye passage of your time. Allow the initial touch to then engulf your face just like a face in the sun. Now, once you have this done you are complete with your connection.

Now ask Ra a question, maybe two? What do you wish him to answer?

Can we expect ascension based on any time scale please?

  1. A time scale for total change on earth within the next 18 months of your earth cycle around me.
  2. A certain inevitability surrounds the awesome changes to the above. See the trauma of physical changes, a challenge, yes a holiday that ends is a wrench to leave, with the memories after forming the bond to that experience and without it wisdom held with the energy councils higher decrees will be incomplete. Your journey therefore along with every energy known to earth, has a wisdom that goes from physical to etherical, allow it to be so. Your own fears are mostly dissolved now, and we expect many others to follow this mantra of change. Ra sees all, and Ra insists earth is given constant nourishment to maintain a consistent inevitability of progression through your teachings and understanding. Each of you has a special gift different to another. Ra will enhance that which resonates individually and will in short time change much, creating sadness to elation, dreams to realisation, embedding personal feats to fixtures and fittings. The normal is a new and powerful vibration of one vibration you so aptly and collectively recognised immediately. The creation of earth is as a child, with growing pains, moments of doubt, times of great sadness and happiness and yet, to know at a point earth will welcome adulthood just like you and all. Earth will look back and say thank you.


Remember to call upon me.

Channel 18th April 2021

So Kali came in seriously hot, intense and as I started channelling my body was going in circles and holding my higher Heart area....this is what she said......

Surrender to the Dark...

Surrender to the Light...

The time of transition is now enveloping the whole of the universe...feel into it...breathe in the silence.......let yourself be enveloped in the immensity of these times.

The Power is now - it is yours for the taking - don't hold back like in the past. Trust your intuition - your are more powerful than you can imagine....breathe......soak it up. Once you feel it in your body - your centre - use the power to activate your life - your destiny......never be afraid. Once felt....keep breathing and start to centre....focus......start to feel your life....see the changes you need to make and envision that which you wish to bring forward....intensify the visions....breathe....then let them all go.

I Love you........................................I am KALI  Goddess of Endings and Beginnings


Channel 15th April 2021

I am BAST - Guardian of the Felines....

The art of sensual living is something that needs to be cultivated, pleasure is much misunderstood by humans. Even simple things can be given a wonderous enjoyment, if you think for example about your food, if you truly took your time to choose, cook and consume it - with awakened sensuality this could all be eaten with rapturous pleasure. Sitting, sleeping, walking - anything can be felt at such a deep inner level that it gives immense pleasure.

This is the dimensional space humans are moving into, where they can discover the simple wonderous pleasure of being in the moment with any given situation. You will learn how to play again! and this will lead you on to your soul expansion. Revel in these moments and each and every moment -this will lead you closer to the divine nature of the universe - a universe of creativity, expansion, exploration, joy and love.                  I am BAST - keeper of the secrets, protector of the divine......join with me and I will lead you through the darkness to the light.

Channel 14th April 2021


We are the Inter-Dimensionals........

When people get what they call 'downloads', it is us that is working in-between dimensions to act like a magnet, bringing energetic potentials together - like an conductor in an orchestra.

We bring together outcomes that would be better for any given Universe. In this way we can subtly influence the direction of timelines and attract energies as thoughts, movements, wishes into a movement that is more beneficial for a certain outcome. 'Meddling' I hear you think -yes, this is our purpose - our job.

  At this moment in time we are trying to encourage humanity to 'awaken' - this choice is already laid out by Source - we do not decide the end game, just the best possible route to achieve Source's goal.

We the Inter-dimensionals are able to help each of you awaken if you open up to our possibility and in turn we can guide you individually on your choices to a preferred direction, just as we do with the universes - micro and macro - all is relevant and important.

We are pure energy at work but you can imagine us as huge beings with smooth skin and featureless faces - you will feel the power and the gentleness in perfect measure, as harmony is always the goal.

The Universe are at a pivotal point of 'the return', this is why we are coming to the forefront. Imagine us turning a huge cog that turns all energy back to the Source light, this has happened before, many, many times and represents the ascension to light.

                                                                                          we thank you for your connection.

Channel 13th April 2021

Seraphina 9th Dimension

Seraphina returns through a 9th dimensional portal to encourage this elevation to ascend with guidance

Calling all lightworkers across the planet, this is your moment, your time, your opportunity all that you have gained. All the wisdom you have absorbed, all the love you now have, to place it deeply and firmly amongst the planet. This planet is now expecting your energy to be connecting with it.

The emotion of fear is an illusion created by a powerful mind, so to is the emotion of anger and what follows is anguish. Release the binds that hold this anger and hatred to be placed into the divine light that shines to you all. Release this energy to enable the divine light to absorb it within her existence. Once you have completed this your body shall feel the lightness of a feather, as the mind will be released of a heavy burden and reprogrammed to enable the heart to glow like the rays of your sun.

There shall be no better way to enhance this love you hold within your very being. Your open hearted nature will glow across the lands and oceans and link to all the others as a unity to form one vibration of love.

The philosophy of love is a simple act given in a kindness of doing something for someone. Be seen in a moment of gratitude for smiling at another. Be seen to radiate a glow of harmonious compassion to warm the darkest corner. Be seen to sincerly speak with a sacred tongue.

Your body, your essence of so much is ready to hug another with your beautiful aura glowing across the infinite space that surrounds you.

Go now and pulse your sensational soul across the planet and be heard wherever and forever.

Channelled April 11th 2021

From Source

Rest a while children of the light - I am holding you now.......

The changes that are now sweeping over the Earth and the Universes are Divinely guided. I know there has been much suffering for many and difficult times are not over yet but the light I am sending you is far greater than there has been in eons, this will continue to intensify.

The Universes spiral out from me, then spiral back to me, this is the nature of all energy because all energy is divine, the further away the energy goes from my source the more negatively charged(as you would say) it can potentially become. All has turned on it's journey back to me now and a great clearance is happening.

Focus on your individual journeys and the bigger picture will take care of itself. Know that all is Love and all can be forgiven and healed, no matter how 'dark' or 'negative' you feel you have become - you can and will all come back to me in your illusion of time........Awaken for it is the the stillness you will find me, although I am in the chaos also............all is divine and will harmonize at the midway point.......and so it begins........the turning of time.........when all shall come home........feel joy in the changing of the season........for all is love and divine reason.......I beckon you now to stand in the flow and hide not your person - the heavenly still in your mind and open your heart........relinquish your power and connect up to mine.


Channel 8th April 2021

Ashtar and the Pleiadiaans

In the next two months , energies will be shifting greatly into a higher vibration.

We are coming closer to you now so that each of you, can contact us directly for help transitioning into your next phase.

I Ashtar am leading the wave of help but all of us of the galactic council of light are equally here and able to help anyone who asks.

Now is the time to tune into us - do this by quieting the mind and first , messages will come in and feel like just thoughts of your own mind but as you persevere with this, the flow will become clearer and the messages will flow freely.

Fear is rising in a lot of peoples hearts about the future of everything from vaccines to freedoms but give no heed to this, as the changes you will soon see, will take you all beyond the limits of this lower thinking. We know for some of you , what you call your 'shadow' thinking is what seams to be holding you and everything else back but it is only the thought and when you realise everything is energy, you will see it has only surfaced to be released - so let it go -all of it and focus your attention on your wishes for your own future and the future of mankind.

I wish you could all see the 5th dimensional reality that is coming for all, it's beauty is something that will amaze you......a utopia, I hear you say -yes! - it has already been created by lots of lightworkers who have already attuned to it and some have been painstakingly creating beautiful realities for you to step into. if you look closely now at your world you can see some of these creations, seeping from the 5th dimensional mind into the lower ones with amazing new discoveries and creations.

It all sounds fantastical - I know but if you could see reality and the evolving energy that it is - you would see the time has come and movement is only forwards and upwards.

We love you greatly in the lighter realms and are eagerly waiting for the day when all of you can connect with us......Ashtar x