Channelled 25th August 2021

OBERON of Tree Council Elders.....

We are patient with us......sit with us and join us in conscious thought as the Earth accepts her new vibration and the old ways fall. You can help us - as we help you to weather the storm that is upon the Earth plane. At any time you can ask us for help with keeping your vibration high as the changes occur.

We the Tree Council have been waiting along time for this change that is now here on Earth, where true balance and harmony are returned and peace between all species is found.

I ask is this the  'return' of the garden?......Yes - the garden will return after the next stage - the stage of awakening to a new era.

All species throughout the multiverses seek enlightenment in their personal realms and creation has a beautiful plan, laid out at it's birth, where all is balanced and recycled into the amazing thing we call evolution.

The 'return' is that balancing of the universes, like the coin that flips(as you say) all will return to the true beauty of creation....much will be lost but much will be re-birthed anew and spring into life. All is in cycles from one day to one year, from one life to another, nothing is ever lost - all is recycled into new life.

Now is the time to be strong and stand tall, accept the changes upon you and embrace the cycle.....this is what we do.....and be prepared to step into a new reality.

The Earth has gone through these changes before and we still stand here! remember all is not lost. When things seem dark, it is just the dark before the new dawn.

If you feel troubled and stressed with the Earth changes - come join with us.....choose a large old tree and sit under it, then ask if they can envelop you with their energy, to help you cope with anything you are going through....we are happy to help, all who wish to raise their vibration and heal their minds.

                                              We thank you for your connection

                                                                                                                  Oberon of the Tree Council

Accessing the GOD within......

The energies have ramped up a lot in the past week following the lion's gate portal, many of us sensitives are starting to sense a big change, even 'busier' people are feeling it. I can only describe it as 'serenity in chaos' and in reality this is exactly what it is showing us - the chaos of the 3rd/4th dimensional worlds and the peace and calm of the new 5th dimensional Earth......of course totally dependant on our individual focus.

There is no denying that there is some pretty crazy things happening in the world now and if we concentrate on these too much-this is all we will see, they will engulf our consciousness and grip it in fear energy....a true 5th dimensional alternative is here now and as these energies increase - and they will, we can actively choose the path of joy and peace. When we take this choice, our personal world becomes an 'eye' within the storm and we have a chance to access the GOD within. This does not mean we don't see or feel the outer troubles-it is the exact opposite-we really 'see' it all and choose the path of 5th dimensional consciousness.

Upon choosing 5d consciousness we can access the part of us that is closer to GOD/Source.....that is GOD/Source, there we will find a calm clarity about our life and open ourselves to our abilities that have been slumbering, awaiting the consciousness connection- like a wire that has not yet been connected to the mains. Once connection is made, we literally 'come on line' , of course we can unplug at any time -this is the nature of freewill and as humanity moves forward, seemingly into more chaos, the road to 5d and GOD consciousness 'is' the awakening choice ..... after all why would you resist awakening to love and joy, choosing ignorance and suffering instead? - surely it's a no brainer? Unfortunately humanity has been kept under a kind of collective spell for thousands of years and our ego has been taught to play safe and stick to what it 'knows'- remaining in the dark of ignorance, rather than take a chance on a new way of being.

I guess all I can say to people that are locked down within their consciousness , playing into the shadow and fear, is that you guys will truly have to take the 'leap of faith' and just jump! Kansas is really going bye bye....and accessing the GOD within is the new Earth frequency that is covering the fear nothing, worry not - we are ascending and LOVE will rule the end game.                                                                                  much Love jae x

Channelled 5th Aug 2021

Channelled from the Golden Elves of Pleiades'..........

Gather your strength, for the time of great change is approaches, we the Golden Elves come to bring a message to all mankind........

With great change can come great turmoil and the time of the 'changing' is come............but fear not, as this time you are now to go through will help humanity lift itself higher in consciousness more than you can possibly imagine.

The Earth will be renewed and humanity will see the golden light of Source everywhere. We the Elves have come to offer assistance for all who call us close.

Destiny has led us all to this beautiful point in evolution of the universe and you must all take note that you are exactly where you are meant to be - perfectly placed by the creator. Soon you will all see the truth of this and how totally unique you are as individuals, each of you will have a perfect reason to be in your futures and you will all be divinely guided to your perfect job.

It is true the Earth will also be in a great change and some upheaval but please remember all is as was it was contracted by yourselves to be and anybody lost in these changes, willingly chose to exit the Earth at this point and a lot have chosen to go now only to come back when the new changes are fully implemented.

We in Elven form once lived on Earth amongst many other races in peace and harmony and this will come to pass again in the future. No matter what you see in the outside world, there is always a calm come after a storm and a clearing of energies.

Look after yourselves, eat cleanly. laugh, have fun and whatever you can to keep your vibrations high and this will help you with the changeover point from dark to light. Keep peace and compassion in your hearts for all others, as all have played their part in the theatre of life on ready to jump.                                                                                                                                                                                 Lady Galana of the Golden Elves of Pleiades x

Visions from a GONG Journey.......

3rd August 2021

I do Gong Baths myself but last night I went to one hosted by Emrys Skye, he took us on a journey through the Sirius portal and this was my experience and very interesting information that came through...........

The journey started on a vast space ship that is stationed above the planet of Sirius, I was met by a member of the galactic council called Karena and she started to show me around the ship. First she took me to a huge beautiful 'pool' room , she gave me a small breathing apparatus, that helps you recycle your breath so you can stay under water longer and we went swimming in the 'pool' which had one side like a glass bubble that you could see out into space and down onto the planet. From this view underwater I could see small spaceships coming off the planet. When we got out of the water I asked her where the little ships were going, she said they were going up to the other vast ships, of which there are three.

Karena then took me to the central energy hub of the ship, another huge space and looking up to the centre I saw an immense ball of golden/white energy. She said this was source energy and it was used to power the ships, she went on to say if I imagine the miniscule spark of energy within our lightbulbs on Earth then times it by billions and billions, then this would be 'closer' to what this power was! - the harnessing of source energy.

I then ask what the ships are doing? Karena says the ships are waiting to come to Earth to help with it's ascension. She says when the time is right they will come to Earth and surround the planet, acting as both filter and enhancement for the immense burst of Source light that is coming to re-balance and lift Earths frequency-I ask when this will happen and she only says 'soon'. She goes on to say many on the Earth will not be able to cope with the intensity of the light wave so the ships will also be taking a lot of people off the Earth onto the ships to help them adjust their frequency to the new Earth frequency and once they have adjusted they will be returned to Earth.

After this they take me to a 'Med Bed' for healing - it was like o pod both solid and etheric, as I laid in it slightly tilled forwards, the machine started scanning different areas of my body and then went from place to place focusing and clearing the energy in certain parts. One of my other guides joined me at this time and held my hand through the energy 'Field' of the Med bed. I thanked them both and soon afterwards Emrys called us back...........Much Love Jae x