Channel 28th February 2021

The Dragon Collective

We call in the Dragon collective, to help cleanse the world, on all planes of existence -on all levels. Clearing the dense energies, which will enable the Earth to vibrate higher, leaving behind the 'baggage' of lower energies, re-energising the land and clearing the consciousness of humanity, freeing them for the new wave of higher consciousness now returning to the Earth......


.........The Dragon Collective

We thank you for your assistance in this energetic clearance.......x

Channel 28th February 2021

'Choice Point' - The ARCTURIANS

All choices are now energetic - ask yourself - how do I want to vibrate and what do I wish to share with the world?......

Most people want peace, health and well being, for themselves and for must now envision this and in turn, your frequency will start to match your imagination - this is the truth of manifestation. The choice is yours - if you choose to believe in a world at peace, you will bring a peaceful state to your being and be aware the opposite is also true - it is your choice.

The choice point humanity is now at is in truth about trust - trust that the universe has your back even though it may not seam like it and all will come to a harmonic point as the year unfolds

This year is a major change over point, where your choices of being, thinking and doing are of paramount importance - no matter what is going on around you and in your world. Believe in you personal power, for it is more influential in your world than you can imagine. The last week has been challenging, this is because it is pushing everyone to the 'choice point' - where we let our spirit truly shine through, hold the line and hold on. The corner humanity needs to turn is close and will bring about unbelievable changes to the world................. the Arcturians