A New Year


We are nearly through the portal tunnel that started on the Solstice, the energies have been gently and calmly rolling in. the first week of January will see us pull through and into the new energetics, where we truly start to come into the power of our manifestations. Our thoughts are more powerful than we can imagine and the coming year will see us step into the understanding of 'like attracts like'. We will need to take full responsibility for our thoughts, to believe in ourselves, fear nothing, and start to envision the life that we would really like to live.

2021 will bring huge changes in our lives, in our world and ripple on out into the universe. We must leave behind the pettiness of the human ego mind and embrace our universal soul mind, where we can find all the answers we seek and in turn open fully to the 5th dimensional energies now available to us.......keep finding new ways to raise your vibration to align with the energy and your world will transform before your eyes.......Happy New Energies Everyone......Love jae x