Channel 24th July 2021


We are standing on a bridge, the bridge of consciousness choice. Whatever we choose will be perfect for us individually but we must know what we are actually choosing.

For thousands of years our freewill has been manipulated to fit in with the will of controlling others, the others can be a partner, a friend, family, the government, a dark cult......or whatever and whoever we wish to is the time to move past this and take back our Power - the Creative Power of the Divine that lies within or consciousness.

                                                                                                            If you don't want a fearful future - let go of fear...If you don't want anger in your future - let go of anger.

Ask yourself - what do I want in my future? and when you decide you believe, totally that it will be in your future, see it, imagine it, prepare as though it is already here, then the universe responds in kind - this is the true secret of our Power that has been buried deep within our subconscious, denied by controlling others. - that we create our reality with our divine creative Power to manifest anything! - yes anything and as we awaken to our Power the Power to manifest will grow to full capacity.

This is a huge week, we are having most of our buttons pushed!....physically, mentally and emotionally - do not let the details of your individual life overload you - there is a much bigger picture going on and this purging is clearing our templates out. All we need to do is observe them as they arise, take a mental step back and allow them to pass on through - if you can laugh alot!!

It is truly a beautiful time we are living in - the taking back of our Divine Power and a clearing of emotional debris that has laid deep within the collective psyche for of my friends was once told to 'learn how to dance on a moving carpet' and this is exactly where we are this week so don't focus on the patterns on the carpet, just dance like there's nobody watching.....we will come out the other side, clearer than we have felt in a long time and we will take back our Power......

Always feel the LOVE coming through under the chaos......Jae x


Facing the Collective Shadow....

24th July 2021

The next four weeks are going to be huge - the face off with the shadow - on a personal level as well as a collective level. All the darker and negative aspects of any and everyone's shadow is coming to a head and this will out all the things that have been at the bottom of our consciousness waste bin, that we thought were gone but have just laid un resolved. As these things surface we may feel irritable, angry, sad, depressed, shocked and shaken to the core.

This of course is very necessary to elevate to the next level of consciousness. The going may feel very though, as we see aspects of ourselves and the outside world that we do not like and were in denial about but girder your strength, all has to be faced so we can move past it into the new Earth.

We do not have to re-live all the darker things that will surface, just see them for what they truly are - dark energy masses - then release them totally with forgiveness and healing - sound simple? it can be......remember to put your eyes on the true goal of it all - to circumnavigate the journey of living in higher consciousness.

So as the energy comes up in each of you at a personal level.....laugh, dance, cry, shout or scream if you want to - do whatever you can to release what needs to go - it is only energy.

I have journeyed astrally many times to the fifth dimensional reality and it is truly wonderful. If you have ever had a 'perfect moment' - a moment when you felt so ecstatically happy that time just stopped - this is what we have to look forward to in the future and it is amazingly beautiful.

So my friends we are at the last 'face off', the last hurdle - the dark night of the collective are not alone, we will all go through this together and no matter how dark - we will surface on the other side with a greater clarity than we have ever had and an understanding of the true reality of the consciousness of the universe........

...........When we walk through a dark tunnel, the light at the end is always brilliantly brighter..............LOVE Jae x

The Beginning

Channelled 1st July 2021

What is the intentions of a walk-in?

Once we saw only the truth

But we saw the truth not to be so.

Then we questioned our soul for why? where? how?

It became our new truth.


Small or large the story began

But not from a set date or time,

Just when it was so.


Life takes a different turn for those needing to be here.

To come the knowledge fitted into the space.

To pass on messages, lifestyles, ways of being

This may take many ways and not always with the first inhabit.


Often the birth child has clashed with the new soul, so it will retract.

Many lifetimes may pass as they move through dimensions looking for a host.

Some return to the pod without succeeding their mission.


A lonely family will benefit this higher knowledge being.

Their input can further them all.

First to seek a host.

Sometimes visit for a short while (can be many human years though) then abandon or stay.


Purpose of heightened awareness, abilities to learn to heal bodies through the mind.

To teach through example of the ordinary life.

Programs gifted into symbols, thoughts, colours are surrounding their energy.


A spark is passed over if children are born to carry on the implants.

Separate the souls into patterning for the realms.

This gives the personality quality of fairies, pixies, goafs, water lands, earth beings and air.

An aspect of them to highlight their trait.

A walk-in is always a safe drop, but can be misplaced therefore nothing will come from it.


The next ten years a calming of transplants to enable the previous placements to flourish and become known.

Groups will form into meet ups.  Seemingly random yet perfect.

Ages are unrelated as can be dormant until the timing is good to show up.

To pave a new world.  To open channels.  To set the new scene.

To become fulfilled, awakened, balanced and corrected.  (to fit in)

Not always perfect, still some in training mode. 

Can take centuries of worlds to find home


Breaking the cycle, bringing changes for peace.

Global differences.  The ocean forms a pattern deep beneath.

Walk ways opening up to restore.


We can choose to accept what is coming.

Always have choice.

Be clear in your own world.  Walk.