Channelled 7th July 2021

Waterfall of Source Light


The waterfall of Source consciousness is in full flow and as it tumbles down onto the Earth plain it stirs up all the deep dark sediment that has laid comfortable at the bottom of the waters of life since the last return cycle - this is the collective shadow being seen, It's been there quietly at the bottom of consciousness for eons but all is now being stirred and cleared for all to see.

Do you want to focus on the lifting sediment of stagnant consciousness? or on the flash of fresh light energy now pouring in ?'s a choice....remember focus on the dark and that's all you see, focus on light and that is what will be pulled into your path....just remember you are choosing. This is not saying.....'love & light'...'love & light'......and ignore everything else - quite the opposite - it is to say see all light and dark then choose where you wish to focus.

The truth is humanity has felt 'comfortable' with it's lower energy centres covered in dark energy and it doesn't really know where to go next but this is each individuals go into the unknown........

what is the light?

how can I increase my light?

what will the light bring me?

by focusing on these questions, you will bring yourself into growth again, out of stagnancy and start the journey of exploration of the light of the universe................Jae x





Channeled 14th June 2021


It is only in stillness that you can connect properly to all that is and all that you fostering stillness you can find all the answers you truly seek.

More and more divine light is permeating the universe...this is not to aid in ascension - this is ascension. Higher vibrating energy accelerates consciousness and you are now at a crossing point of a new evolutionary process, due to the influx of high vibrational light.

Embrace your awakening and learn to rise, if you hold on to outmoded versions of yourself you will make your new journey longer and more uncomfortable.

Many of you feel your natural gifts and talents awakening - nurture these and they will flourish - fear nothing as you step forward. It is true the strain of non-acceptance of this new way of life is taking it's toll on the inhabitants of Earth but this is through resistance to still, open and let the new energies flow over you. Make subtle changes to your behaviours to align with the new energies but don't worry too much over this or you will be taking yourself backwards - remember life is to be enjoyed! is an amazing exploration of the evolution of consciousness and you should factor Joy and Love above everything in it's expansion.

....There will be a transition of dark into light, as the energies increase but accept all as it arises, with the realisation all will be saturated and transmuted into light for the next step in the evolution back to source light......Anger, rage blame and fear will only feed the old ways you are now leaving behind and halt your movement forwards - as it always has. So remember forgiveness and compassion are the way to release all the darker and dense energies......the new path is already laid out in front of everyone and it is only about choice, that will move you forwards - choose well and may your expansion be swift....

........channelled from Source