Channel 29th March 2021

The golden griffin

In my meditation last night a Golden Griffin came in, I haven't seen a Griffin in meditation since the 90's, they appear at times of huge change and represent great Divne potential........

The message from Nolthander the Golden Griffin ........

This year holds the Golden key of great self potential 'in waiting', you will have the ability to transform yourself and your world into it's highest divine potential. By going within in meditation and delving deep into your visions there, you can ask questions of your spirit guides and connect with your higher self aspect. Once you access these inner realms you can use the space to create changes that will have a direct influence on your outer world..........if you visualise in your meditations creating beautiful, peaceful, harmonious scenes and images, this will transcend out into your outer environment . You have always done this unconsciously in your dream state but now it is time to do this consciously in the meditational state - this is the truth of manifestation. Do this inner work and you will see immense changes unfold.......hold a world vision and create a masterpiece.

......Nolthander the Golden Griffin of Anzar........ in-between dimensions x

Channel 20th March 2021

council of energy

Message from Celastrus the energy for the awakening of a sharper understanding during dream states.

Great eclipse of life shall be the earths final opportunity to awaken before the crust transforms and a new beginning comes into force. Nothing shall stop the transformation, be it or be with it. You shall be. We weep, we cry, we have shed so much and yet still the resistance continues beyond the belief. You can turn the temperature up for transformation, try it. Place your mark on this developing planet before you yourself pass to another time in the vastness of our universal space. Hold the gentle torch but beam a powerful and direct light to transformation. It is a given. Resistance is but the mind holding back from ancestral actions and ing's once shared with your friends.

Please listen carefully.

The great eclipse of life will be your tipping point. Feel my presence push to your side, your face, your back, your being. Can you feel me. This has been with you for 6 weeks and the pressure has been gently pulsing a code of acceptance. The great eclipse of life is your sign. See the vision clearly. Be on the side that creates the change now. Last chance to allow this to happen. I shall step back for another.

Like the mountain peaks of ancient land, covered in white, I pray alongside you. My hands gently encapsulating yours and creation of all that vibrate will be and let it be so.

Channel 18th March 2021


The tables are turning - do not mistake the muddle to come for a sign of the light is the opposite.

Breathe more deeply than you have before, for centring yourself within the chaos is a bridge to the light and being the light on Earth. Many Star races have come to aid in the transition, we in the angelic realm are here as always to lift you up and help you focus on the shift in consciousness you need to make. Make no mistake this time is monumental in shifting old energy that has stagnated in the human and Earth realm but as everything -in time-all must change. The dense energetic clearance that is occurring this year ripples out to the whole universe and will lay a new template for all consciousness to use, in what you call the future.

Be still - know this moment, you will figuratively be asked to delve deep within to see that there is nothing you need to hold onto your mind and the elevation that comes from this will be unbelievable.............Michael x

Cellular Healing

Channel 18th March, 2021


Bring in the golden light

Riding in on horse back

To start the dream

Long to stare

To see where it is - ending - beginning -the same.


My voice will rise up

In the canyon of light

Bringing forth the justice

Seeing, being

Loosing ....... to gain nothing

But to have the new 'all'


Nothing will become of stealth

Sacred rolls to display

Making time to speak

Not the truth, but the vision

Moving into the light

as such an amazing speed - no stopping, blisteringly scary.

But so satisfying. Deepening. Sailing.


To see the other side

Filled with sound, light, colours, sensations

The void will not come


Who will be there is already listed

Not in any order, just a list

All of one importance

All with one duty, role, place


Firing into the distance

to call those still waiting.

"Join us" we shall say,

and they will.

Bringing their robes, finary, their 'gold'

Sitting up high to sing their message

to bring their light.

All will be ONE.


18th March, 2021