The Next Three Months

Channelled 28th May 2021

Bring in the blue light of 'shining' to sweep the earth on each new day we choose to be here.

Make this a pattern of your rites.

Enjoy this ritual of clearing.

Step into the day with light feet, feeling the breeze that comes as you walk.

A feeling of water surrounding your steps.

Start to speak with a blue voice, feeling your breath following each true word.

Allow your tears to fall

Allow your heart to cry

To find a new way, we must cleanse, let go, be new, be free.


A brightness will start to form in your eyes, seeing clearly.

Move into that space. Allow the vision to form.

'We' will come. Standing tall, crowns on our heads, emblazoned with jewels.

Offering you our hands. Both. For you to take hold.

By following us, we will show you a freedom so sweet, high, available.

Source is key. Heighten your mind, feel your feet and breathe.

Each breath brings us closer together.

Clouds of light will fall around you to open the new dawn.

A state of bliss. Here. Now. With you.


Using metals into the earth, transforming energy. Bringing bases of gold (golden), woods, beaches, free land.

Gatherings of many to bring a truth.

Most will come. Most will pleasure from this.



Coded areas, portals, will open up. Sending out information of truth.

Giving a new life meaning.

Food will become clearer, to exist in partnership. Cleansing for the masses.

Know time is passable, haste will be met.

Clocks ticking in the background will slow down the past damage to earth.

Creating new energies to overcome the greed. Peaceful. Creative. Sanctuary.

1) For each being - be two

2) For each food - be plentiful

3) Love will be the Master creative

4) Heighten the mind - force into the ground. Equal


Sing with your voice so filled with peace.

Spread our word - make it known.

Angelic realms coming closer. Still. Be here.

28,29,15,21,18,1,3,1,5,7,8,25,92,101,363 Code end.


Finish now........ Earth be at peace


"Finde la co paa seera ha."

Saturnius Channel

28th May 2021

Channel from Saturius 28th May 2021

We made an intention relating to the next three months.

It has been great fun to listen intently to all your discussions and musings. Please keep this energy you have for fun, high and please keep developing your understandings that push your energy higher. My name is Saturius and from the perspective of time implication you have some adjustments to deal with. The first is the coming of a new and changing element to the earth that shall envelop the earth in a smoky energy that will in part choke the life away. Yet from the clouds shall be a clearer a more efficient understanding. Remember to wave through the smoke filled rooms and spaces with your fun and loving structures. Use the vibration you each have to break up the clouds. Then see the light pushed through the structures of cloud changing the vibration from murky to clear and elevated cloud. The time scale is much deeper and can be related to a period of years yet the next three months will be the beginning of a structure that will keep the division between light and shade, but it will reduce the effectiveness of shade as the mass shall be disrupted by the coming of the light pockets. These pockets of lights will, once they have started, grow like bulbs in the soil, and split into two, then four, then eight and multiply out as the replacement for what has been to what is yet to come. Who wants to live forever is a term that might ring around the earth but we will not be of the earth. You see, once the light has disposed the cloud that is not a returning sign for the earth to improve and adjust back to its normal position. It is in fact the time for the energy of the earth to move forward and towards a new and far greater earth elsewhere. The acceleration of this and other energy on earth is the natural progression of a young and vibrant Galaxy adjusting to what is yet to come and will come very quickly. My friend Zeus will guide your energy from earth, when the time is right and for many, towards the home systems you may have been made aware of. Not all will move back, but many will. You should also be made aware that many of us wish to rejoin back to earth's sacred ground before the move away and the Connections we have made with you and others on earth will intensify to the point of white heat intensity. When the time comes, be prepared. What comes next is the beginning of a new and progressive life for all energy.

As Jackie commenced her light language the message from Saturius said. “Eyes, Eyes, Eyes. See, See, See, 3,3,3. (Saturius could see and acknowledged the three of us)

After Jackie had spoken the message resumed.

A number of us will join you very soon. The time will be spent before the earth changes to enjoy the beautiful structures of amoebaen beings who shall move up the Pebble of an ever evolving stone to elevate their precious time without the fear and anxiety which all have been subjected to. A great levelling before the clouds of change.

You have one final period after this to say farewell and move up along the line of ancestral rites.


Jesus Channel

28th May 2021

After setting an intention for my channeling to ask about the next three months guidance, I felt an energy come in straight away on my righthand side and Jesus stepped forward with a message....

The tendency will be to charge forward in the next three months but you must temper this energetic feeling....raising your vibration is about raising the frequency of the thoughts, which then filters out to the body and surrounding things. If you are charging forwards the thoughts can become to fractured with thinking going from one thing to the next......

A calmness must be in the mind so actions can be mastered slowly and with exact measure. This is true self mastery and this is what you should be focusing on., for self mastery is the next step in your evolution which will take you to a new dimension. Bring calmness to your mind and you will see your way forwards clearer - in a way this is actually the way forward - thought mastery brings life mastery.........Most people wish to make 'the shift' to a new world where love and peace reigns supreme but how can you if your mind is fragmented charging from one thing to another?

It is in stillness now that lies your answer, for the inner connection will lead you to the wholeness you seek.

A lot of people are looking for their purpose, many years I trod the Earth with people asking what they should do or be - I tell you children of the Earth - find the stillness and you will know all your true peace brings the beauty of the creator to the self...everything else is just window dressing! (we were laughing at this point).

The christed light I carried is also available to all now and can be channeled through a clear mind and body onto the Earth, this will greatly help all the inhabitants deal with the changes now arising.

I am here and and will be around to walk with you everyday, bringing love and guidance to all who connect with me and ask...


Peace Channel

13TH mAY 2021


When you choose to walk amongst a peaceful land, your footsteps will be your guidance.

A heavy hat upon the walk to keep you mindful of what is to come.

A walk that shows you who you are, where you are from, and where you are today.

Tomorrow is a concept of needing to be elsewhere.

How does it feel to just be?


Three times, three people will be called.

Waiting to bring these changes to be at peace.

Who will you choose?

Pick a friend, pick a stranger, pick one in between.

To bring enlightenment to now.

To share in this heartfelt peace that is you.

Each time walk in nature, rain, sun,




Many colours will make your way, to build a picture, to make it form into reality.

Raise the drawbridge to the pathway.  What image is there?

Large cogs turning as if in the head.  Turning new ideas.  Colour to bright.


51,22,3,18,15,7,9,12,6,5,21,39 …..


An energy of the truth comes forward, bringing tears.  Sadness, yes, but an open passage to clear the mind.  A dream of peace, in the heart, a oneness drawn inwardly.  Feel this joy, open hearted – Greens, deep emerald winding through the passage.  Fast, forceful, all encompassing.  Slowly at its end, calming to allow it to be over.

Hear the higher voice within your head.  Offering you a way, an inspiration, to be discerning in your choice. 

Knowing all choice is good, valid.  Running through, fast, excited, knowing it is so close now.  Brightness fills my vision, Golden-ness.  Light-ness.  Rainbows.

Hold on to your true self.

Cover your mind – it is here.

How good does it feel? How grand is that life.

Hearing, seeing, being.  Voice your joy in song, lightness.  Harmonies, vibrations, beats.

When it flies, you’ll fly.  Be ready, you are ready.

Jump, rain up – feel joy.


25,365,921,181,653,897,333 Code end.


Be at peace.  Be at one.  We are the peaceful one.

I am to the end.


Their description of their self – We wear golden cloaks.  We have black feet, a belt of jewels.  A group of 6.  Tall.  From far yet beside you.  Integrating into this world to listen.

Chinla means Welcome.

Council of Energy

Channel 11th May 2021

The important reminder for all that seek to raise their own vibration. This message was received as a timely reminder.

We come and join you today, and in doing so we ask you to step away from your woes and worries, allowing the universe to absorb these ongoing concerns, enabling the heart and soul to be enriched and gently nurtured by all that is divine.

We come to you from the dimensional energy that seek to serve your highest and greatest needs and we plan to assist you all as we move the shift towards that which leaves behind all that does not serve.

The opportunity to enjoy the outcome of divine light is available for you all and it can be accelerated or decelerated should desires be such.

To reach the point of ascension requires an openhearted approach to all that lives and breathes in the universal energies of light and we at the council of energy will help you to reach this. Feel the time and space of great shifts to be within your own gift. Feel the openhearted opportunities to be within reach. Feel the time has come. Understand this and you will join us my brothers and sisters.


Channel 10th May 2021



Many lands were once green, full and teaming with life and abundance.

I am the masculine representation of nature in full essence..... I am the Greenman..... I am guardian of all god's living creatures, of leaf and of tree..........I step forward now to all who love the deep connection to nature and all life.

Mother Earth is moving again - rebirthing - cycles turn, the green fades but the cycles turn again and all returns.

You all stand now at 'the return'......where all life starts to blossom again and the true beauty of creation is seen.

You will breathe cleaner air and start to see wonders of nature that have been hidden, secret, protected from the ravages that have occurred on Earth - but do not be angry - the cycles are far bigger than you could imagine.

'The return' is awakening things that have slumbered in the depths of the oceans and the depths of the Earth, only to return again at the cycles turning. Be prepared to see things you have thought extinct return, whether it be creature, tree or tiny flower.....

The cycle turns and all comes back, back to the point of Heaven - Heaven on Earth - this is the planets speciality - being a magnificent place of divine beauty. All creatures, plants, stones and rocks have spirits - elementals who look after them and I help them with the tiniest detail to bring the masterpiece that is 'Heaven on Earth'. Once we were visited from many, many other galaxies, they came to see the wonder of Earth and now 'the return' is here this will happen again.......

Awaken children of the Earth - see the wonder that is all around you and open your hearts to the amazing beauty that is Heaven on Earth...............the 'return' is here.

Council of Energy

Channel 9th may 2021

Council of Energy
Gaze through the dimensions of time and space, touch the heart of another soul not of this world but of another so far removed your mind says no yet your heart replies yay. Feel their emotions from their much travelled auric layers. What can you feel. Does the vibrational light blind you. Has the sound made you deaf. Can you taste its flavour. Now speak to us in our way using your tongue. The humility of a powerful immediate and blessed connection is the welcome convergence of universal love.

The gifted conversation between the levels of dimension are not just the elixir of elitism they are the guidance of crafted tools long used across the ever expanding universe of sound and light that all can vibrate to. Each portal that opens offers an engulfing experience of energy to be touched and absorbed. The symbols are the language simplified to translate across all diverse levels. The sounds are the frequencies adjusting the light to create a one vibration of purity. The language is clear with points of reference and repetition used as markers for the energy of vibration to feel the open hearted nature of your being, reprogramming the mindful adjustments much needed to develop your sacred journey towards ascension.

The love, which shall be unconditionally absorbing, radiates outward reaching a new point of reference disabling the doctrines of hatred that come from your mind's control by anxiety and fearful endurance. Exercise your open hearted radiation of purity today. Leave the confine of a fight and flight program. Allay the fears of the contraindications another tool of thinking. Be the energy centre of your being. Glow from your wealthy heart centred love and send out a pure beacon of light that penetrates a deep pulse across time and space. This is the universal language of mothers and fathers across all dimensions and as the children grow so to does this knowledge of pure understanding. All comes clear for the natural development of the one vibration, everything else is collateral confusion left in your wake like dust lines glistening in the time of another light.

The council of energy warms to your joyous ascendancy.



Channel 5th May 2021

The next semester of your time shall be bathed in a new and progressive earth energy to be seen by many as a replacing spark for the next phase of shifting patterns across your existing realm. The dimensional shifts have been in place for quite some period now and the expectation to adjust is certainly available for all. Along with many of the existing energy changes the ninth dimension is where we are and able to communicate. This opportunity does not wander further up towards much higher echelons, higher are unable to make the connection to lower dimensional beings. You have it in your gift and ability to maintain the incline of progressive feelings within your very heart of existence. The memory of a love connecting you to the highest available dimension is there and shall exist for whenever you and all else is ready to grasp.

Finding the essence of your historical chamber is based on you finding the openness of a heart, the open-hearted nature of your discerning being is sometimes found to slow the incline. Many yearn for the ability you all have, find it in your open-hearted nature to allow the energy to flow and be part of an ever-evolving energy of the one that vibrates as a collectiveness you all seek. The one vibe is as you call it a simple conceptual coming together of all energy finding light and vibrational sounds, known as the combined vehicle for this openhearted event. Try a simple exercise to enhance the opportunity.

Lay back on the grounds of earth, grass, woodland, soil, foliage, but ensure you are there in that area surrounded by earth. Lay back and feel the plantage growing around you, feel the roots making energetic connection, feel the seeds of new life talking to your very soul. When you find this bond, close your sight to everything and begin to feel the earth pulse. Feel the pulse of the earth beat, beating a gentle yet precise rhythm. When you feel this, feel your own energy pulse, feel your beautiful energy pulse to a rhythm. Now feel the heart create a bond between you and earth, it has always been there, you just did not open your heart senses to recognise it. Feel the rhythm of earth connect as one to the rhythm of you as the beats of life from the very existence of all energy connect all together. Use this exercise regularly to make the crossing connection a reality. You want the ascensional action to be just that, an action to the connecting light. Make it be. Make it you. Make it happen.

I shall be back for further notification opportunity when you are feeling the connection.